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Welcome to Volume 3, Issue 1 ofPRism.Weaim toprovide public relationsand communication researchers and practitioners with high standard, refereed online reference materials, and furnish new academic writers with a refereed outlet to encourage development of top quality scholarly work. This issue provides a diverse blend of writing on topics both practical and theoretical, from writers with both long-held experience and fresh insights. Enjoy!

PS You'll note that, as we plan two issues this year instead of our usual single annual issue, we have now adopted a standard volume/issue numbering system.

Table of Contents

Tilley, E. Research and the peer review process


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Refereed Articles

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Brunner, B. R. Linking diversity and public relations in higher education.

Harrison, K., & Galloway, C. Public relations ethics: A simpler (but not simplistic) approach to the complexities.

Mart, L., & Jackson, N. Public relations agencies in the UK travel industry: Does size matter?

Wandel, T. L. G-rated animated film violence: An issue waiting to be managed.

Watson, T. ROI or evidence-based PR: The language of public relations evaluation.

Whitbred, R. They dont see things like we do: A simultaneous analysis of the influence of formal organisational, emergent, andindividual factors on emergent patterns in perceptions of organisational mission.


Johnston, J. Peer reviewing: 'A privilege and a responsibility'.

Linardopoulos, N. The use of press releases: A case study of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

Smith, G. A few good men: Gender balance in the Western Australian public relations industry.

Tilley, E. What's in a name? Everything. The appropriateness of 'public relations' needs further debate.

Book Reviews

Chia, J. Review of Media ethics: Cases and moral reasoning.

Fitch, K. Review of Gerry McCusker's Talespin

Fletcher, J. Review of Downs' and Adrian's 2004 edition of Assessing organizational communication: Strategic communication audits.

Fountaine, S. Review of The media and body image: If looks could kill (2005) by Maggie Wykes and Barrie Gunter.

Hollings, J. Review of Christine Fogg's Release the Hounds (2005).

Howell, G. Review of Allan J. Kimmel's Rumor and rumor control: A managers guide to understanding and combatting rumors.

L'Etang, J. and Simpson, M. Reviews of Sligo & Bathurst (Eds.), Communication in the New Zealand Workplace (2005).

Phelan, S. Review of Berger's Media Analysis Techniques (3rd ed.)

Smith, M. A. Review of Robert Denton's Language, symbols and the media: Communication in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attack.

Tokley, A. M. Review of Lana Rakow and Laura Wackwitz's new book Feminist communication theory: Selections in context.

Varey, R. Review of Haddon's (2004) Information and communication technologies in everyday life: A concise introduction and research guide.

Watson, T. Review of Events made simple (2004).

Xavier, R. Review of Watson and Noble's (2005) Evaluating public relations: A best practice guide to public relations planning, research and evaluation.


Conference Reports

Dr Tom Watson's report on the Public Relations Institute of Australia's latest national conference

Chris Galloway's reportfrom the Glasgow Seminar on Spin

Alan Samson's report from the Journalism Education Association of New Zealand annual conference

Annick Janson's report from "Better By Design" 2005

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