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Ashwell, D. (2012). Barriers to the public communication of science: Commercial constraints versus public understanding. PRism 9(1):

PRism 9(1): 

Gleeson, D. J. (2013). Undergraduate students perceptions of public relations: An Australian study. PRism 9(1): 

Hickerson, C. A. & Bsumek, P. K. (2013). Greening the public relations curriculum: An integrative approach to teaching environmental communication best practices in the campaigns course. PRism 9(1):

Simmons, P. & Small, F. (2012). Promotion, monitoring and strategic advice: Professional communication in Australian local government. PRism 9(1):

White, J. M., Willis, M, & Stohr, R. A. (2013). Legislators reliance on mass media as information sources: Implications for symmetrical communication between public information officers, public relations practitioners and policymakers. PRism 9(1):

Bridgen, L. (2013). The boys are back in town: Rethinking the feminisation of public relations through the prism of social media. PRism 9(1):

Briones, R., Janoske, M., & Paquette, M. (2013). New media, new mentoring: An exploration of social medias role in public relations mentorships. PRism 9(1):

Kim, J. Y., & Hammick, J. K. (2013). Corporate communication on Twitter: Relationship effects on audience behaviour. PRism 9(1):

Robson, P. & James, M. (2013). Not everyones aboard the online public relations train: The use (and non-use) of social media by public relations practitioners. PRism 9(1): 

Smith, B. (2013). Digital conversion: Social media, engagement, and the ?I am a Mormon campaign. PRism 9(1):

Keller, J. M. (2013). Commentary: Media as audience  - Should public relations students still learn to write like journalists? PRism 9(1): 

Strongman, L. (2013). Commentary: Shared agency and brand image in reputation management. PRism 9(1):

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