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Edited by Elspeth Tilley.

Book reviews edited by Richard Varey.

Welcome to PRism's general issue for 2011.  We hope you enjoy its wide range of different viewpoints on communication, public relations, and related areas of theory and research. 

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Table of Contents

Amujo, O. C. & Melewar, T. C. (2011). Contemporary challenges impacting on the practice of public relations in Nigeria (1990-2011). PRism 8(1):

Berg, K. T. & Gibson, K. (2011). Hired guns and moral torpedoes: Balancing the competing moral duties of the public relations professional. PRism 8(1): 

Clark, T. (2011). Speech, script, and performance: Towards a public poetics of the political speechwriters role.  PRism 8(1):

Furlan, P. (2011). Negotiating medical news: Strategies used by reporters and public relations practitioners. PRism 8(1):

Gill, R. (2011). An integrative review of storytelling: Using corporate stories to strengthen employee engagement and internal and external reputation. PRism 8(1):

Gallicano, T. D. & Heisler, T. A. (2011). Relationship outcomes in an organisation with a mechanical structure. PRism 8(1):

James, M. (2011). Ready, aim, fire: Key messages in public relations campaigns. PRism 8(1):

McDonald, L. M. & Hebbani, A. G. (2011). Back to the future: Is strategic management (re)emerging as public relations dominant paradigm? PRism 8(1):

Niemann-Struweg, I. & Grobler, A. F. (2011). South African marketing and communication agencies understanding of integrated communication (IC): A true reflection of the concept? PRism 8(1): 

Place, K. R. (2011). Power and gender at the crossroads: A qualitative examination of the nexus of power and gender in public relations. PRism 8(1):

Strongman, L. (2011). ?What on earth?: Understanding ambiguity toleration in business communication. PRism 8(1):

Watson, T. & Zerfass, A. (2011). Return on investment in public relations: A critique of concepts used by practitioners from communication and management sciences perspectives. PRism 8(1):

Young, C. L., Flowers, A. A. & Ren, N. (Z.). (2011). Technology and crisis communication: Emerging themes from a pilot study of US public relations practitioners. PRism 8(1): 

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