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Edited by Elspeth Tilley.

Book reviews edited by Richard Varey.

Welcome to our general omnibus issue for 2010.  There were also three PRism special issues published during 2010.  One was the winning entry in the PRism Prize for special issue editorship (click here for details of the PRism Prize and information on the 2011 winning CFPs).  The prize was won for 2010 by the team of Christine Daymon and Kristin Demetrious, and their resultant special issue on gender and public relations is available at

The other PRism outputs in 2010 were George H. Hines Memorial Award winning issues on non-profit relationships ( and social networks (

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Table of Contents

Garcia, C. (2010). Rethinking Walter Lippmanns legacy in the history of public relations. PRism 7(1):

Liu, B. F., & Levenshus, A. B. (2010). Public relations professionals perspectives on the communication challenges and opportunities they face in the U.S. public sector. PRism 7(1):

PRism 7(1):

Waters, R. D. (2010). The value of relationship and communication management in fundraising: Comparing donors and practitioners views of stewardship. PRism 7(1): 

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