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Edited by Elspeth Tilley.

Book reviews edited by Richard Varey.

Welcome to the2006 generalissue ofPRism.Weaim toprovide public relationsand communication researchers and practitioners with high standard, refereed online reference materials, and furnish new academic writers with a refereed outlet to encourage development of top quality scholarly work.

For this issue, we have trialled anew rolling publication schedule for refereed articles, and we are pleased to report that the process hasresulted in rapid publication turnarounds throughout the year. Issue 4(1) is now complete, but we'll be continuing to use the great potential of staggered online publication in future issues, sopleasefeel free to submit your researcharticles for refereeing at any time. Click herefor submission guidelines.

Also don't forget to check the main PRism home page regularly forspecial issues. The top quality special issue onpublic relations measurement and evaluationis now online.

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Viewpoints is a new section in which we publish short opinion pieces on the broad topic of public communication and communication guidelines. We particularly encourage working practitioners to offer their insights and case studies in this section. All viewpoints are, of course, authors' own.

Like to contribute a book review, conference report, or academic or general article? We welcome your input. Please see the PRism home page for guidelines for reviews and articles.

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