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Edited by Elspeth Tilley.

Book reviews edited by Richard Varey.

This 10th anniversary issue commemorates PRism's first decade.  It includes both a themed 'state of the discipline' section and general articles. We thank Steve Mackey (Deakin University), C. Kay Weaver (University of Waikato), Jane Johnston (Bond University) and Jim Macnamara (University of Technology, Sydney) for generously contributing the three special 'expert overview' articles in the state of the discipline section.  These in-depth review pieces look at specific aspects of our discipline's history and development, particularly in our region and in the past decade, and stake a claim for how far we've come and, perhaps more importantly, how far we still have to go. 

These are articles that crystallise important ideas often discussed but seldom captured, such as 'the New Zealand school', eloquently delineated by C. Kay Weaver, or public relations as the most important vehicle of a contemporary rhetoric that reclaims rhetoric's intellectual heritage as our way of 'being in the world', from Steve Mackey.  Then Jane Johnston and Jim Macnamara's piece contributes an important autoethnographic case study approach to the burgeoning literature on the history of public relations in Australia, focusing particularly on our disciplinary publishing history - and who better to do so than two of the key figures in that publishing history.

These articles set out clear starting points for discussion and debate - they are not a final word but voices in a chorus, inviting both counterpoint and harmony.  Please respond and continue the conversation - you can do so on Twitter, or by contributing articles that offer your own interpretations of the important issues raised in these 'anniversary articles'.

To complement the ten-year-review articles, we also have in this issue a fresh selection of general articles on everything from science communication to practical application of crisis communication theory.  Enjoy! 


Table of Contents

Mackey, S. (2013). A sophistic rhetorical approach to public relations. PRism 10(1):

Weaver, C. K. (2013). A history of public relations scholarship in Aotearoa New Zealand: From working on the margins to setting disciplinary agendas. PRism 10(1):

Johnston, J., & Macnamara, J. (2013). Public relations literature and scholarship in Australia: A brief history of change and diversification. PRism 10(1):

Barker, R., & Sutherland, K. (2013). Employer expectations of public relations graduates transmedia storytelling proficiency. PRism 10(1):

Cassidy, L., & Fitch, K. (2013). Parties, air-kissing and long boozy lunches? Public relations in the Australian fashion industry. PRism 10(1):

Friedman, M. (2013). Developing and teaching the crisis communication course. PRism 10(1): 

Fynes-Clinton, J. (2013). Media releases and news: An analysis of how mainstream online media used Queensland Government communications. PRism 10(1):

Langett, J. (2013). Meeting the media: Toward an interpersonal relationship theory between the public relations practitioner and the journalist. PRism 10(1):

McDonald, L. M. & Cokley, J. (2013). Prepare for anger, look for love: A ready reckoner for crisis scenario planners. PRism 10(1): 

Park. S., & Cameron, G. T. (2013). Proactive environmental risk communication: Science reporters evaluation of for-profit corporations sustainability communication. PRism 10(1): 

Mahoney, J. (2013). Strategic communication: Principles and practice. Melbourne, Australia: Oxford University Press. Reviewed by: Mimi Hodis

Would you like to contribute a book review, conference report, or academic or commentary article? We welcome your input, including your feedback on items in this issue. Please see the ongoing call for papers page for guidelines for reviews and articles.

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