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The prospect of strategic communication in the digital age is, to extend Heath's (2006) analogy, surrounded by a thick mist, given the many uncertainties and risks as well as opportunities afforded by rapidly changing technologies. In an attempt to identify markers in this mist, this special issue of PRism invited scholars to re-examine and re-imagine strategic communication theories, practices and research in diverse contexts, at multiple levels, and from different perspectives. At the centre of our guiding critical reflection and philosophical inquiry are the questions: what does it mean to be strategic in the digital age, and to whom should strategic communication add value? The nine articles collected in this edition are selected from the papers presented at the 2016 International Public Relations and Advertising (PRAD) Conference in Wellington, New Zealand where scholars from different parts of the world had a fruitful discussion of the theme. This special issue was the winner of the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand PRism prize for 2016.  Many thanks to PRINZ for their sponsorship, which enabled us to share this important collection of new research with you.


Strategic Communication in the Digital Age
Edited by Jenny Zhengye Hou and Susan Fountaine

Jenny Hou and Susan Fountaine, Special Issue Editors


Table of Contents

Hou, J., & Fountaine, S. (2016). Moving forward through the mist: Reimagining strategic communication in the digital age. PRism 13(1) 

Macnamara, J. (2016). Illuminating and addressing two 'black holes' in public communication. PRism 13(1) 

Fountaine, S. (2016). Small business, shifting boundaries: A case study of strategic communication in the digital age. PRism 13(1) 

Hou, J. Z. (2016) Managing social media for strategic communication in a New Zealand university: Implications from a case study. PRism 13(1) 

Archer, C., & Harrigan, P. (2016). Prosumers with passion: Learning what motivates bloggers as digital influencer stakeholders. PRism 13(1) 

Strong, C. R., & Zafra, N. (2016). Natural disaster strategic communication: Drone, data and backpack journalism trends. PRism 13(1) 

Wolf, K., & Archer, C. (2016). Teaching strategic communication in precarious times: First-hand insights into a digital, global learning experience. PRism 13(1) 

Alexander, D. (2016). What digital skills are required by future public relations practitioners and can the academy deliver them? PRism 13(1) 

Schoenmaker, S. (2016). Connecting, responding and engaging, not yet relating online. PRism 13(1) 

Yang, T. L. (2016). Privacy breaches and crisis management in the Uniqlo event in China. PRism 13(1) 

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