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For years, organisations have spent time, efforts and resources working to identify how to successfully engage with stakeholders. Research into stakeholder engagement is especially needed since the topic of engagement is lacking a clear theoretical definition and sound operationalisation. Yet, stakeholder engagement underlies much of the public relations or organisation? public communication profession and research. This special issue, sponsored by the Arthur W. Page Center for Integrity in Public Communication at Penn State University, includes seven articles, each with a specific focus on different aspects of stakeholder engagement.


Stakeholder Engagement: An ongoing conversation
Edited by Marcia W. DiStaso

Mark Balnaves, James Grunig and James Mahoney, Special Issue Editors

Marcia DiStaso, Special Issue Editor


Table of Contents

DiStaso M. W. (2015). Stakeholder engagement: An ongoing conversation. PRism 12(2):

Supa. D. W., & Dodd, M. D. (2015). Examining the impact of advertising vs. public relations in consumer engagement with social responsibility. PRism 12(2):

Brummette, J., & Zoch, L. M. (2015). Identifying the values that guide stakeholder expectations. PRism 12(2):

Hatfield Edwards, H. (2015). Social responsibility and the evolution of corporate philanthropy: An analysis of successful corporate-cause partnerships in an era of the global corporate citizen. PRism 12(2):

Lambert, C. A., & Quintana, C. (2015). Online representations of employee resource groups inhibit employee engagement: A critical/cultural analysis of corporate websites. PRism 12(2):

Lertpratchya, A. P., & Carpenter, S. (2015). Social media communicators motivations for professional engagement: A study of altruism, reciprocity, and reputation. PRism 12(2):

Messner, M., & Guidry, J. (2015). Considering ethics in visual storytelling: A study of nonprofit organisations on Instagram. PRism 12(2):

Grigore, G., Theofilou, A., Watson, T., & Sthapitanonda, P. (2015). Ethical stakeholder engagement: Exploring the relationship between corporations and NGOs in Thailand, Romania, and the UK. PRism 12(2):

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