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Welcome to PRaxis, the public relations and communication site designed as a combined resource and meeting space for academics, students, and industry practitioners.

We're proudly based at and supported by Massey University's School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

We also acknowledge the important sponsorship of Bond University's School of Humanities and Social Sciences, which helped us get started, and the Waikato School of Managment, which sponsors our book reviews. This support helps PRaxis deliver useful features to students, educators, and public relations practitioners worldwide.

Please head to the menus above to explore what we have on offer, including:

Peer reviewed scholarly journal, PRism. Includes refereed scholarly articles, book and conference reviews, and commentary pieces.  Volumes 1 to 9 are online now.  Click here to check out all volumes, including special issues on power and public relations, gender and public relations, online communities, social marketing, global public relations, non-profit organisation relationship building, public relations measurement and evaluation, and more. 

 See our announcements page for notices about conferences, calls for papers, and related news about public relations and communication events or opportunities from contributors around the world.  Click here to go to announcements.

 Links section. Lists useful URLs relating to other public relations and communication resources online, and gives guidance on content. There is a quick-reference system designating academic, quasi-academic, industry, and commercial materials.

 Vox pop section. This informal mini-survey canvasses topics of interest to public relations, such as whether it should be taught in humanities or business paradigms.  See what others think and have your say, or nominate a new topic.

 Bulletin board. From time to time people want to publicly comment on materials on PRism, offer an additional reference, send useful information, make an observation, start a debate, etc.  We welcome public feedback and this is the place to do it.

If you teach, practise, or learn about public relations and public communication, then PRaxis is your site, created for you, and responsive to your needs. What else do you want on the site? What needs adjustment to be genuinely helpful? Please explore, test, and let us know how we can improve.

Elspeth Tilley

PRaxis initiator.


Why is it called PRaxis?


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