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PRism is a free-access, online, refereed public relations and communication research journal (ISSN 1448-4404). A general omnibus issue ispublished annually. Special issues are published as required.

Those articles appearing in the refereed section have been checked by two independent academic referees, using a blind review process, to assess their contribution to the international body of scholarly knowledge on public relations and related communication research.

PRism is listed on the Australian Government Department of Education, Science, and Training's register of refereed journals (click here to view the register), and indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals ( and in Bowker's Ulrich's Periodicals Directory (

We chose the name PRism for the journal in the sense of a transparent medium that refracts ideas and disperses them as widely as possible for all to enjoy in the multiplicity of their many colours and attributes. We do not limit contributions published in this journal to one particular paradigm of 'public relations': we hope that by publishing works from a variety of perspectives, we contribute to and advance the debate about the nature and future of public relations.

For more information on submissions and refereeing, please go directly to the PRism home page.


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