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These public relations resources links pages are sponsored by BulletPR. Thank you to Paul Matthews for updating and maintaining them. If you have a suggested link or spot a dead one, please email Paul by clicking here.


This section provides links to Internet sites related to the study and practice of Public Relations. It has been created to help students, academics, and practitioners find useful information and make quick assessments of that informations context. The symbols next to some links [A, Q, I, or C] designate whether the item is primarily an academic, quasi-academic, industry-based, or commercial resource.

Academic includes refereed journals and university-based pages; quasi-academic includes non-refereed yet still theory- and research-based articles and resources; industry-based includes professional association and practitioner literature on the daily practice of public relations; and commercial indicates that the publishing body has a commercial interest related to the content of the article. Many resources fulfil more than one category. We make no judgement about the value of information in each category.

All categories contain useful information; however some are more relevant for certain purposes than others. For example, students with instructions to use only refereed or academic research can see at a glance which links are more likely to assist them in their search. Practitioners seeking ?how-to guidelines can skip the more theoretical materials and go straight to the industry-based links.

We welcome feedback on the categories and symbols weve used to structure the links. Please note that this section is very much a work in progress. Please send us links to include, and suggestions of new or altered categories. And of course, when the inevitable happens and the perfect link you wanted is dead, drop us a line pronto so we can remove it. Thanks!


PRaxis has reviewed the listed web pages. We did not, however, attempt to follow every link or view every page at each web site. Addresses provided on this list can lead to any and all World Wide Web sites. We are not responsible for information on other sites.


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