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This special issue, titled 'Exploring power and public relations', is the 2012 winning entry in the PRism Prize for special issue editorship (click here for details of the PRism Prize). 

The multi-institution Australian team of James Mahoney (University of Canberra), Marianne Sison (RMIT University), and Joy Chia (Monash University) developed a topical and important call for papers that identified power as a research area at the crux of public relations ability to continue to mature as both a profession and a scholarly discipline.  The editors also recruited Kevin Moloney, author of Rethinking Public Relations: PR Propaganda and Democracy (Routledge), and Johanna Fawkes, who specialises in public relations and ethics, to write the editions preface. Hence the editors' own piece appears at the end of the issue, to provide a wrap-up of the array of thought-provoking and topical theory and research presented therein and some thoughts for 'where to next'.

The PRism Prize judges commented in their intitial award of the prize for 2012 that "one of the strengths / unique qualities of PRism is that it does not narrowly define what constitutes public relations.  This special issue will support that wide view ... [and] encourage an array of thoughtful submissions".  We think you will agree, if you read on, that that promise has been amply fulfilled.

Exploring Power and Public Relations

Edited by James Mahoney, Marianne Sison and Joy Chia

James Mahoney, Marianne Sison and Joy Chia, Special Issue Editors
James Mahoney, Marianne Sison and Joy Chia, Special Issue Editors
James Mahoney, Marianne Sison and Joy Chia, Special Issue Editors

James Mahoney, Marianne Sison and Joy Chia, Special Issue Editors


Table of Contents

Fawkes, J., & Moloney, K. (2012). Introduction: Power ? Its personal and public. PRism 9(2):

Dickerson, A. (2012). Whats wrong with asymmetry? Persuasion and power in public relations theory. PRism 9(2):

Dutta, M. J., Ban, Z. & Pal, M. (2012). Engaging worldviews, cultures, and structures through dialogue: The culture-centred approach to public relations. PRism 9(2):

Omilion-Hodges, L. M., Baker, C. R., & Weaver-Petry, B. (2012). Understanding power in public relations in the age of digital natives and citizen journalists. PRism 9(2):

Phillips, L. M. & Brabham, D. C. (2012). How todays digital landscape redefines the notion of power in public relations. PRism 9(2):

Hays, B. A. & Swanson, D. J. (2012). Public relations practitioners use of reverse mentoring in the development of powerful professional relationships. PRism 9(2):

Batchelor, B. & Krister, K. (2012). Starbucks: A case study examining power and culture via radical sociodrama. PRism 9(2):

Mahoney, J., Sison, M. & Chia, J. (2012). Conclusion: An exploration of power and public relations, but surely theres more. PRism 9(2): 

Would you like to contribute a book review, conference report, or academic or commentary article?  We welcome your input, including your feedback on items in this issue.  To make a contribution please see the ongoing call for papers page for guidelines for reviews and articles.

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