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PR Resource Links - Not for Profit Resources

The symbols next to some links [A, Q, I, or C] designate whether the item is primarily an academic, quasi-academic, industry-based, or commercial resource.

Campaign Partners

Campaign Aid is a service that was created by Australian consultancy group Campaign Partnersto assist community, environmental and not-for-profit groups realise their vision.Organisations that meet ethical standards criteria are eligible for a significant reduction of fees andpro-bono assistance is available forselected campaigns that work towards social justice and environmental sustainability.

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The SPIN Project

The SPIN Project (Strategic Press Information Network) provides media technical assistance to nonprofit public-interest organizations across the nation who want to influence debate, shape public opinion and garner positive media attention. Site includes sample media plans.



Nonprofit resource centre

The nonprofit resource centre.



Profitable Public Relations For Nonprofit Organizations

Information on Profitable Public Relations For Nonprofit Organizations provided by Chevron Texaco Corp. as part of its own community relations. Site includes Chevron Texacos community relations policy and grant application guide.

  (I, C)


Nonprofit toolkit

Nonprofit toolkit created by the New York Foundation for the Arts.

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Non-Profit Matrix

The Non-Profit Matrix was developed by Hewitt and Johnston Consultants, a fund-raising consulting company in Toronto & includes directory of online technology services designed for nonprofit organisations.

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