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This special issue on nonprofit organisation relationships was awarded theGeorge HinesPrize 2009 for special issue editorship (click here for details of the prize). Following the announcement of their win, guest editors Richard Waters and Denise Bortree have worked tirelessly to bring together a range of disciplinary and methodological perspectives on nonprofit organisations from a diversity of authors. We trust you enjoy theirresultant special issue of PRism, which offers insights from both new and established scholars. Particularthanks must go to the specialist refereesrecruited by Richard and Denise for this issue, who were extremely generous with their time and feedback in support of PRism's ongoing mission to support and develop new writers in the public relations research field.

Nonprofit organisation relationship building

Edited by Richard Waters and Denise Sevick Bortree

Richard Waters and Denise Bortree, Special Issue Editors
Richard Waters and Denise Bortree, Special Issue Editors

Richard Waters and Denise Bortree, Special Issue Editors


Table of Contents

Waters, R. D., & Bortree, D. S. (2010). Nonprofit relationship management and public relations:History and future directions.PRism 7(2). Available at:

Bortree, D. S. & Waters, R. D. (2010). The impact of involvement in the organisation-public relationship: Measuring the mediating role of involvement between organisation behavior and perceived relationship quality. PRism 7(2):

Park, H. & Rhee, Y. (2010). Associations among relationship maintenance strategies, organisation-public relationships, and support for organisations: An exploratory study of the non-profit sector. PRism 7(2):

Branston, K., & Bush, L. (2010). The nature of online social good networks and their impact on non-profit organisations and users. PRism 7(2):

Weberling, B. (2010). Celebrity and charity: A historical case study of Danny Thomas and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, 1962-1991. PRism 7(2):

Auger, G. A. (2010). Using dialogic web site design to encourage effective grantor-grantee relationships. PRism 7(2):

Rausch, P. (2010). Relationship building in health public relations: A case study of an NGOs HIV/AIDS programme in Ethiopia. PRism 7(2):

Austin, L. L. (2010). When non-profit partnerships equal big profits: A closer look at an exemplar non-profit organisation relationship. PRism 7(2):

Taliaferro, J. D. & Ruggiano, N. (2010). "Its human beings talking to one another": The role of relationship building in non-profit lobbying. PRism 7(2):

Chung, W., Lee, T. D., & Humphrey, V. F. (2010). Academic institutions electronic-recruitment efforts on academic diversity: A comparative analysis of websites of US, UK, and South Korean universities. PRism 7(2):

Watson, T. & White, A. M. (2010). Managing reputation for ?good works while undertaking commercial activities: Communication best practice guidelines for charities. PRism 7(2):

Sisco, H. F. (2010). Crisis definition and response: Understanding non-profit practitioner perspectives. PRism 7(2):

Williams, K. D. & Brunner, B. R. (2010). Using cultivation strategies to manage public relationships: A content analysis of non-profit organisations' websites. PRism 7(2):

Strauss, J. R. (2010). Capitalising on the value in relationships: A social capital-based model for non-profit public relations. PRism 7(2):

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