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Edited by Elspeth Tilley.

Welcome to the first issue ofPRism,online journal of public relations and communication research. PRism providespublic relationsand communications researchers and practitioners with high standard, refereed online reference materials, and furnishes new academic writers with a refereed outlet to encourage development of top quality scholarly work.

To the best of our knowledge, we're the only journal providing this service free of chargeto users anywhere in the world, and we look forward to your support as we start on our journey of optimism and discovery.

Table of Contents




Tilley, E.

Welcome to PRism.




Authors' biographies


Refereed Articles


Mackey, S.

Changing vistas in public relations theory



Lane, A.

Working at the interface: The descriptive relevance of Grunig and Hunts theories to public relations practices in south east Queensland schools



Demetrious, K.

Reflexive modernity and the art of public communication



Gustavsen, P.A. & Tilley, E.

Public relations communication through corporate websites: Towards an understanding of the role of interactivity



Galushkin, I.

Text Messages: A potentially rich medium in distributed organizations


Commentary Articles


Taylor, S.


The internal dimension of issues management practice; Conflict, or collaboration and consensus?









Walle, M.


What happened to public responsibility? The lack of society in public relations codes of ethics.









Bruijns, C.


Should an organization devote communication dollars to making the CEO famous?








Book Reviews


Bartlett, J.


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Chia, J.


Adams, T., & Clark, N. (2001). The Internet; Effective online communication. U.S.A: Harcourt College Publishers









Cokley, J.


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Cokley, J.


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Cokley, J.


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Comrie, M.


Center, A. H., & Jackson, P. (2002). Public relations practices: Managerial case studies and problems (6th Ed.). New Jersey: Prentice Hall.









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