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This special issue on gender and public relations is the 2010 winning entry in the PRism Prize for special issue editorship (click here for details of the PRism Prize).  The judges selected the team of Christine Daymon and Kristin Demetrious to receive the 2010 award, for "the originality and scholarly merit" of their proposal.  Their resultant transdisciplinary special issue makes an important contribution to developing and extending our understanding of gender in public relations practice and showcasing the diversity of theoretical perspectives that can enhance the rigour of public relations scholarship. 

Gender and Public Relations

Edited by Christine Daymon (Murdoch University) and Kristin Demetrious (Deakin University)

Kristin Demetrious and Christine Daymon, Special Issue Editors

Kristin Demetrious and Christine Daymon, Special Issue Editors


Table of Contents

Daymon, C., & Demetrious, K. (2010). Gender and public relations: Perspectives, applications and questions. PRism 7(4):

Fitch, K. & Third, A. (2010). Working girls: Revisiting the gendering of public relations. PRism 7(4):

Yeomans, L. (2010). Soft Sell? Gendered experience of emotional labour in UK public relations firms. PRism 7(4):

Verhoeven, P. & Aarts, N. (2010). How European public relations men and women perceive the impact of their professional activities. PRism 7(4):

Tilley, E. (2010). Ethics and gender at the point of decision-making: An exploration of intervention and kinship. PRism 7(4):

Johnston, J. (2010). Girls on screen: How film and television depict women in public relations. PRism 7(4):

Vardeman-Winter, J. & Tindall, N. T. J. (2010). If its a womans issue, I pay attention to it: Gendered and intersectional complications in The Heart Truth media campaign. PRism 7(4):

Briones, R. L. (2010). The targeted speak: Exploring young womens perceptions of sexual assault using the situational theory of publics. PRism 7(4):

Elmer, P. (2010). Re-encountering the PR man. PRism 7(4):

OByrne, S. (2010). Clothing and gender in the workplace. PRism 7(4):

White, G. (2010). Does gender matter? Prism 7(4):

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