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From Miley Cyrus to Sex and the City to major league sports teams, Las Vegas casinos and international telcos sparring on Twitter - here are the stories we see every day and know are public relations cases and here, for the first time, is a concerted and collected effort to theorise how and why.  This special issue on fandom and public relations is a recipient of the PRism prize for special issue editorship (click here for details of the PRism and George Hines Prizes).  The prize was won by the team of Amber Hutchins and Natalie Tindall, who have worked extremely hard to compile a stimulating collection of contributions engaging with up-to-the-minute popular culture and its integral intersections with marketing and relationship building. Congratulations to the editors and all the contributors for pushing the boundaries of our discipline into new areas in thoughtful, interesting and timely ways.


Edited by Amber Hutchins and Natalie Tindall

Mark Balnaves, James Grunig and James Mahoney, Special Issue Editors
Mark Balnaves, James Grunig and James Mahoney, Special Issue Editors

Amber Hutchins and Natalie Tindall, Special Issue Editors


Table of Contents

Amber Hutchins and Natalie T. J. Tindall.  Things that do not go together?: Considering Fandom and Re-thinking Public Relations.  

Stansberry, K., & Strauss, J. (2015). Standing out in a neon crowd: Exploring how to establish brand personalities on Twitter that help cultivate relationships with ?fans and brand advocates.

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