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Edited by Tom Watson.

Welcome to a PRism special issue on evaluation and measurement. This issue was the brainchildof, and has been edited by, Dr Tom Watson, Associate Professor in Communication and Head, School of Communication, at Charles Sturt University, Bathurst, Australia. Tom has researched and written extensively on evaluation of public relations programmes and his book, Evaluating Public Relations, co-authored with Paul Noble, was published recently by Kogan Page.

As Tom notes in his editorial, measurement and evaluation areperennial topics much in need of a transition from conceptualisation to application. His work in this issue of PRism takes that step. Tom has attractedarange of well theorised and highly practicalcontributionsfrom some of the leading thinkers on public relations evaluation today, and all of the authors have participated fully in the spirit of information dissemination that is possible online by allowing complete open access to their articles.

So enjoy! And please pass on to others who are working or studying in public relations the web address forthese inspirational and innovativematerials which have so generously been made freely available to you.

Table of Contents


Watson, T. Evaluation: Let's get on with it!


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Refereed Articles

Chia, J. Measuring the immeasurable.

Hibbert, Z., & Simmons, P. War reporting and Australian defence public relations, an exchange.

Xavier, R., Mehta, A., & Gregory, A. Evaluation in use: The practitioner view of effective evaluation.

Commentary Articles

Lautenbach, C. Seven steps to the board room seat - a communications performance management system developed by Germanys GPRA.

Macnamara, J. Two-tier evaluation can help corporate communicators gain management support.

Case Study

ONeil, G. Blogs, mash-ups and wikis ? new tools for evaluating event objectives: A case study on the LIFT06 conference in Geneva.

Book Reviews

Discovering Statistics Using SPSS (2nd edn.)

Henderson, A. Review of Robert Heath and Timothy Coombs Todays public relations: An introduction.

Conference Reports

Chris Galloways report on the Ninth International Public Relations Research Conference, held in Miami, Florida.

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