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This special issue on dialogue, relationships and public relations is the 2014 winning entry of the George Hines Prize for special issue editorship (click here for details of the PRism and George Hines Prizes).  The prize was won by the team of Petra Theunissen and Sheila McAllister, who have worked extremely hard throughout 2014 to compile a bumper collection of relationship and dialogue-themed contributions. Here is their special issue full of thought-provoking and topical theory and research.  Enjoy.


Edited by Petra Theunissen and Sheila McAllister

Mark Balnaves, James Grunig and James Mahoney, Special Issue Editors
Mark Balnaves, James Grunig and James Mahoney, Special Issue Editors

Petra Theunissen and Sheila McAllister, Special Issue Editors


Table of Contents

Petra Theunissen and Sheila McAllister            Relationships and dialogue in public relations: Foundations of effective public relations?

Damion Waymer & Robert L Heath          Organisational legitimacy: The overlooked yet all-important foundation of OPR research

Teresa Mastin                   Diversity lessons from the Obama 2008 Presidential Campaign

Nance McCown                Building leader employee dialogue and relationships through internal public relations, leadership style, and workplace spirituality

Timothy Penning              The influence of public relations on relationship content: A content analysis of community foundation annual reports

Sharon Schoenmaker     Organisational narratives shaping practitioners use of social media

Michel M Haigh                 Comparing how organisations use websites and social media to maintain organisation public relationships

Moonhee Cho & Maria de Moya               Understanding publics engagement with non profit organisations through Facebook: A typology of messages and motivations behind public initiated conversations

Nancy A Wiencek             Raising money on the Web: Relationship building features that contribute to non profit fundraising success

Gary Mersham                 Dialogue, non dialogue and dissemination ancient questions, contemporary perspectives

Kane Hopkins                 The phatic nature of the online social sphere: Implications for public relations

Would you like to contribute a book review, conference report, or academic or commentary article?  We welcome your input, including your feedback on items in this issue.  To make a contribution please see the ongoing call for papers page for guidelines for reviews and articles.

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