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As you will note from the submission guidelines, PRism offersauthors who are accepted for publication a choice of two copyright positions for their work.

Option 1: The first copyright option (free access) is the default position for PRism (and for most online publishing). You agree to this automatically when you submit your work to PRism. In this optionarticles and contributions published remain the copyright of the author/s, but author/s by virtue of submission agree to grant PRism a copyright license to permanently display the article online for free public viewing, and to grant the National Library of Australia a copyright licence to include PRism in the PANDORA Archive for permanent public access and online viewing.

This free access option does not grant readers who look at your article online the right to download, print, email, or otherwise reproduce your article, other than for whatever limited research or educational purposes are permitted in their country.

Option 2: The second copyright option available to authors also retains copyright for authors, but grants full open access to their work in accordance with the principles of the Budapest Open Access Initiative ( This second option means that readers are legally able to download, print off, copy, and distribute the article for any purpose, provided they do not alter it, and provided they cite it correctly, no matter what their local copyright provisions allow. You still own your article but you are permitting its wide and unfettered circulation.

In practice, given most people download and print online items with impunity, there is very little difference between these positions. Granting open access is primarily, at this stage of the Internets evolution, a political statement in support of the free and open dissemination of scholarly work. Please see the editorial to PRism Issue 2 ( for a discussion of the difference if you would like more background.

We recommend open publishing, as it helps encourage dissemination of scholarly work beyond just educational uses and bring your profile and ideas to a wider audience, however we are happy for accepted authors to nominate either copyright position. Thechoice to switch from the default free accessto broader open access publishingis offered to authors at the end of the refereeing and editing processes, in the publishing contract that is issued just prior to publication.

Both PRism copyright positions allow for future publication elsewhere of any form of the article (pre-print, post-print, or published version). This means that you are welcome to publish your PRism article on your own website or institutional repository at any time, or to choose to have it included in other collections such as edited books. (Several PRism articles have already been included in various edited books, at the authors' discretion.) We do not impose an embargo period.As a courtesy to acknowledge the considerable contribution that referees and editors make to the final published version, however, we do request that if possible you use the published version (i.e. the final formatted article as downloaded from the PRism site, that includes the PRism footer and URL) so thatoriginal publication on PRism isvisibly signalled.


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