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PRism Issue 1 - Contributors: Authors' Biographies

Christel Bruijns
Christel completed a Master of Communication degree at Bond University, Queensland, Australia, in 2002, and was included on the Vice-Chancellors list of academic excellence during her studies. She is now working at Weber Shandwick in London. Her clients to date have included Bols, Unilever, T -Mobile, and Intel. For Bols, Christel consults to several countries across an international PR network. She was involved in the creation of an international tool kit, which is used as a regional market template to implement local campaigns.


Kristin Demetrious
Kristin is a public relations lecturer in the School of Communication and Creative Arts at Deakin University, Victoria, Australia. Currently undertaking a Phd, Kristin's research interests are in public communication, citizenship, community consultation, and the role of public art and placemaking in urban environments. She has published her work in the Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal, the Journal of Communication Management, and has a forthcoming chapter in the new edition of Allen and Unwin's Public Relations Theory and Practice, edited by Jane Johnston and Clara Zawawi.

Kristin's research interests build on her professional experience as a communicator specialising in media production, and her long association with community activism in Geelong. With a central role in Greening Geelong West and the Walk West project, Kristin assembled the case study for her article Reflexive modernity and the art of public communication from information available to her as a participant and observer. Kristin also has a keen interest in writing poetry. She lives with her partner and three children in Geelong.


Ira Galushkin
Ira completed her BA in occupational therapy at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, in 1999, and was a presenter at the 1998 Australian Occupational Therapy Conference. Ira recently lived in New York City for 18 months. After September 11 and careful reassessment of her life, she decided that her undergraduate degree in occupational therapy was not her calling, and completed a Master of Communication at Bond University, Queensland, Australia, in 2002.

Iras current research interests include new communication technologies and communication ethics. Her final masters project, which received a grade of 92%, analysed annual reports and their stated commitment to CSR, ethics, culture, values, and employees. She is fluent in English and Russian, and says she likes politics, real estate, fitness, and travel.


Petter Alexander Gustavsen
Petter has Bachelor of Information Technology and Master of Corporate Communication degrees from Bond University, Queensland, Australia. His research interests are in the combination of new communication media and communication theory, particularly in the areas of interactivity and knowledge management. Petter works in a communication position with Nycomed, a European pharmaceutical company, and is currently developing an information strategy for the IT department. When not at work Petter says that, as a Norwegian, he enjoys a snowy winter and spends a lot of his spare time on the slopes of his home country.


Anne Lane
Anne Lane has just finished four years at Griffith University, Queensland, Australia, completing a Bachelor of Communication 1999-2001 and an honours degree in Arts in 2002. Shes also been holding down up to four part time jobs, running a home, and being a mum, and says as you can imagine I dont have much time for a social life! When shes not studying, working, or sleeping (remember that, she asks?), Anne loves to watch movies, in particular Lord of the Rings. Shes seen it 42 times (she wishes she was exaggerating for effect, but shes not). Anne isnt sure yet what her future holds. Further study beckons, but shes getting a bit fed up of never having any money. Most likely its more excessive amounts of part time work as she pursues her academic interests by way of a PhD, and continues to juggle her other responsibilities.


Steve Mackey
Steve Mackey is a lecturer in public relations at Deakin University, Victoria, Australia. In addition to his research interest in public relations theory, Steve is investigating the use of electronic technologies in public relations activity. He has presented numerous conference papers on revising public relations theory, the crisis game by Video Link, education through practice, theoretical correctness in public relations, the theories of Jurgen Habermas and their relevance to contemporary public relations, and corporate citizenship, communication and rhetoric. He has published in the Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal. Steve is also the operator of the edu-pr-net list, which provides an invaluable networking and discussion service to Australian and overseas public relations educators.


Susanne Taylor
Affectionately known as ?chook woman to former corporate colleagues, Susanne currently lives in semi-rural bliss in south-east Queensland, Australia. Obsessed with winning accolades for her silky and bantam chickens, she is often spotted at local agricultural shows, checking out the chook competition. Susanne was previously a senior public affairs practitioner in London, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. After a mid-life reassessment (not crisis, she notes), Susanne moved with her family to Queensland seeking a change in lifestyle and, of course, chickens. She is currently working as an adjunct teaching fellow at Bond University and brings with her a range of research interests stemming from her years in corporate public relations. Susanne presented a research paper at the Australian & New Zealand Communication Association Conference, 2002.


Elspeth Tilley
Elspeth oversees the public relations courses at Bond University, Queensland, Australia. She co-edited an issue of the Journal of Australian Studies in 2000 and was associate editor of Australian Journalism Review in 2001/02. Not having learned her lesson from those experiences she decided to launch PRism in 2003. Her PhD supervisors are now making loud noises about work avoidance so she promises to put her head down and write solidly on her topic (Australian narrative and national identity), at least until the next PRism call for papers. Elspeth has previously published refereed conference papers on space, power, and memory in Australia, and workplace theatre.


Monica Walle
Monica completed her Master of Public Relations degree at Bond University, Queensland, Australia in 2001, and was included on the Deans list for academic excellence during her studies. She is now working in an Oslo photo agency, All Over Press Norway, in a role that encompasses photo editing, sales and marketing, and public relations. Throughout her studies she was interested in the ethical challenges facing public relations practitioners, and wrote several articles assessing the usefulness of various ethical schemas. Monica says shes glad to be finally putting her theoretical knowledge into practice, although shes also pleased to report that she hasnt had to solve any major ethical problems in the workplace to date!



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