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Noelle Aarts is Professor of Strategic Communication at the University of Amsterdam and Associate Professor of Communication Strategies at Wageningen University, the Netherlands. Focusing on conversations between people, she studies and teaches inter-human processes and communication for creating space for change, both in governmental organizations, in NGOs, and in commercial companies. She has published on several topics such as communication between organizations and their environment, negotiating environmental policies, competing claims in public space, dealing with ambivalence concerning farm animal welfare and self-organization and network-building for regional innovation and multiple land-use.


Rowena L. Briones, M.A., is a doctoral student and instructor in the Department of Communication at the University of Maryland studying public relations and health communication. Rowenas research interests include the intersection of public relations, social media and the Web, and health and risk communication campaigns. Currently, Rowena works as an analyst for a research and consulting firm in Maryland, conducting projects for a number of governmental and non-profit agencies.


Christine Daymon is an Associate Professor in the School of Media Communication and Culture at Murdoch University where she chairs masters programs in communication and media management.  She is the co-author with Immy Holloway of Qualitative Research Methods in Public Relations and Marketing Communications, the second edition recently published by Routledge.  Her research and publications focus on questions of culture and identity in media organisations; gendered issues in public relations; and cross-cultural learning.  Previously based in the UK, she led collaborative academic and industry projects related to creativity and interactive media, and future scenarios for the British communications sector.  She has worked in public relations, journalism and advertising in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Hong Kong and the UK.

Kristin Demetrious is Associate Head of School (Regional and Development) at Deakin University, Victoria, Australia.  She is an experienced media and communication practitioner and also has a background in community work for which, in 2003, she received the Australian Centenary Medal. Kristins teaching at Deakin University has drawn extensively on her experience to provide her students with new intellectual perspectives in communication. Amongst other honours, Kristin received a 2009 Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning. Kristins PhD focused on communication in sub-political movements and in public relations.

Paul Elmer has research interests in social and political aspects of public relations, as well as in storytelling and narrative. He has recently completed a sociological study of public relations work and workers in the UK, that will be published as a forthcoming book. Since becoming an academic in 1999 he has championed the development of knowledge from practice, and was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship in recognition of his work in the area. He held senior appointments in UK Government public relations, as well as for NATO and the UN. Paul is currently based in the UK, but has close working collaborations with academics in several other countries, most recently Turkey and China.


Kate Fitch is Senior Lecturer in the School of Media Communication and Culture at Murdoch University, where she chairs the public relations program. She is a member of the Public Relations Institute of Australias National Education Committee. In 2010 she was awarded the Vice Chancellors Citation for Excellence in Enhancing Learning. Kate has published in scholarly journals on corporate social responsibility; new media and public relations; public relations education and pedagogy; and public relations in Southeast Asia. Her current research projects include an investigation of internationalisation and public relations education, and the ethics and education in public relations (funded by the Hunter Institute for Mental Health).


Jane Johnston is Associate Professor of Communication and Media at Bond University where she manages the public relations major. She researches in a range of fields including public relations and popular culture and has published several books about public relations and journalism.


Susan OByrne has more than 15 years experience in the communications industry as a journalist and a public relations professional. She has worked in Australia and the United Kingdom and has experience in the Continental European and US markets.


Dr Amanda Third is Senior Lecturer in the School of Humanities and Languages and the Centre for Cultural Research at the University of Western Sydney.  She has recently completed a manuscript on popular cultural representations of female terrorists, which discusses how second wave feminism was ?cross-wired with terrorism within the United States popular imagination in the late 1960s and early 1970s. She has published in a range of scholarly journals and edited collections on topics including: the gendering of terrorism; popular cultural representations of female terrorists; and the medias relationship to terrorism. Dr Third has participated in several large-scale externally funded collaborative research projects relating to young peoples use of online and networked technologies. In 2009, she was awarded the Murdoch University Medal for Early Career Research Achievement, and she is currently President of the Cultural Studies Association of Australasia (CSAA).


Dr Elspeth Tilley researches the discourses that shape postcolonial cultures, including particularly racialised, class-based, and gendered discourses, and their manifestations across fields including literacy, public communication, and popular culture. Her main methodological specialisation is critical discourse analysis but she has used a diverse range of qualitative and quantitative methods in her published research.

Natalie T. J. Tindall (Ph.D., University of Maryland--College Park, 2007) is an assistant professor of journalism in the Department of Communication at Georgia State University. Her research interests include diversity and identity in public relations, health communication, and fundraising/philanthropy.



Piet Verhoeven is assistant professor at the department of Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands and researcher at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR). He is also managing director of SWOCC - Foundation for Fundamental Research on Brands and Brand Communication. His research involves corporate communication and public relations, corporate branding and framing of issues, media and public opinion. Since 2008 Piet participates in the European Communication Monitor research project, an annual survey among communication professionals in Europe.

Graham has more than 20 years commercial, management and communications experience in both the United Kingdom and Australia. In the UK, he spent more than nine years with British Telecom Yellow Pages, before joining one of the UKs leading independent business and technology public relations consultancies. In 2000, Graham moved to Sydney, Australia, joining technology public relations specialist Howorth Communications, which was later acquired by Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide. Appointed Managing Director at Howorth in 2005, a position he still holds today, Graham directs communications programs covering strategy development, thought leadership and program implementation for many of the worlds major technology brands. He is also Managing Director for Ogilvys social media practice in Australia. Graham has a first-class Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Public Relations from Bournemouth University in England.


Liz Yeomans teaches and researches in public relations and communications at Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK. Lizs research seeks to connect public relations to its wider organisational and social contexts. Her current interest, emotion in public relations, is the subject of a PhD. She has published articles in the Journal of Communication Management, the Journal of Public Affairs and Corporate Communications: an International Journal. Liz is contributing author and joint editor of a student textbook (with Professor Ralph Tench) for Pearson Education entitled Exploring Public Relations, which is now into its 2nd edition (2009).


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