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Contributors: Evaluation & Measurement Special Issue

Dr Joy Chia is a Senior Lecturer, Program Director of the Master of Arts, Communication Management (Onshore Program) and the Graduate Diploma in Communication (PR), and senior public relations educator for the Singapore and Malaysian masters programs at the University of South Australia. Her research areas include relationship management and the context of public relations relationships, and corporate ethics, trust and responsibilities.

Chris Galloway is Lecturer in Public Relations at Monash University, Churchill, Victoria, Australia.

Dr Alison Henderson is a lecturer with the Department of Management Communication, Waikato Management School, at the University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Zoe Hibbert and Peter Simmons are lecturers in Charles Sturt Universitys School of Communication and run postgraduate public affairs courses for the Australian Defence Forces. Zoe has a background in both consulting and in-house public affairs, and has worked primarily in the private sector. She specialised in issues and crisis management, internal communication and media relations. Her research interests are crisis communication and the role of the media in conflict.
Peter has worked for government and private organisations in the media and health industries. He has specialised in public information campaigns, organisational communication, strategic planning and management communication. His research interests are public relations evaluation and public relations and journalism ethics.

Christoph Lautenbach is Managing Partner of Lautenbach Sass ? a communication consultancy helping corporations to achieve business results by developing communication programs that are measurably effective and by handling their communication work more efficiently. Together with GPRA, the organisation of German communication consultancies, Lautenbach Sass has developed the Communications Value System ? a strategic approach and performance management system that enables companies to align PR with corporate strategy and to demonstrate the value and unique contribution of PR to organisational success.

Dr Jim Macnamara BA, MA, PhD, FPRIA, FAMI, CPM has a 30 year career as a practitioner working in the media, public relations and communication research, including 13 years heading a PR consultancy with clients including Microsoft, Vodafone and Singapore Airlines. Since 1995 he has specialised in research to measure PR and corporate communication as CEO of CARMA International (Asia Pacific). Jim completed his PhD in media and social research in 2005. As well as working as a researcher and research consultant, he is an Adjunct Professor in Public Communication at the University of Technology Sydney.

Glenn ONeil is currently Professor of Media and Communications at the International University in Geneva and an Evaluation Consultant for Benchpoint Ltd. Glenn has experience in the evaluation of communications, training and public education programmes. Glenn has a Masters of Science in Communication Management (University of Lugano, Switzerland) and an Honours Degree in Sociology (La Trobe University, Australia).

Dr Tom Watson is Associate Professor in Communication and Head, School of Communication at Charles Sturt University, Bathurst, Australia. Tom has researched and written extensively on evaluation of public relations programmes and his book, Evaluating Public Relations, co-authored with Paul Noble, was published recently by Kogan Page.

Robina Xavier is the public relations course coordinator in the School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations at QUT, and former President of the PRIA (Queensland). Amisha Mehta is a lecturer in the School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations at QUT. She is currently enrolled in her PhD, and her research interests include organisational legitimacy and trust. Professor Anne Gregory is Director of the Centre for Public Relations Studies at Leeds Metropolitan University and editor of the Journal of Communication Management.


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