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ANZCA 2002- Proceedings

This is an authorised mirror site for the ANZCA 2002 Proceedings, approved by editor Dr Mary Power.



Refereed articles from the Proceedings of the ANZCA 2002 Conference: "Communication: Reconstructed for the 21st Century". July 10-12, 2002, Gold Coast, Queensland.

Politics, Values, Culture, Gender and Communication

"Beyond the digital divide: Re-thinking information poverty" Frank Sligo and Jocelyn Williams [Download Full Paper]
"Space, memory, and power in Australia: the case for no nation" Elspeth Tilley [Download Full Paper]
"Values of the Dutch: An inventory and the value dimensions" Joke Oppenhuisen and Dirk Sikkel [Download Full Paper]
"To be or not to be: An Analysis of Political Rhetoric in the New Zealand Debate on Genetic Modification" Doug Ashwell and Su Olsson [Download Full Paper]
"Making Spectacles of Ourselves: The Site/Sight of Woman as Leader" Jillian Clare [Download Full Paper]
"Reconstructing Gender for the 21st Century: News Media Framing of Political Women in New Zealand" Judy McGregor and Susan Fountain [Download Full Paper]
"Taxonomy of the Political Campaign" Stephen Stockwell [Download Full Paper]
Communication Processes in Organisations and Communities
"Educating Senta: Workplace Learning and the Management of Emotion" Caroline Hatcher and Senta Sharp [Download Full Paper]
"Participatory Communication in Indigenous Health Development: A Focus Group Study" Netra Khadka [Download Full Paper]
"Fruit Of The Vine: In-House Perceptions Of An Organisation's Grapevine Activity" Colleen Mills [Download Full Paper]
Journalism at the Turning Point
"Restating News Values: Contemporary Criteria for Selecting the News" Judy McGregor [Download Full Paper]
"Hard News Is No News: The Changing Shape Of News In The 21st Century" Ndaeyo Uko [Download Full Paper]
"Prudence Not Prurience: A Framework For Journalists Reporting Disasters" Jacqui Ewart [Download Full Paper]
"Journalists Need To Know How To Write About Science-And We Can Show Them" Steve McIlwaine [Download Full Paper]
"The Politics of Finance Journalism: Approaches to the Field and a Rhetorical Instance" Cathy Greenfield and Peter Williams [Download Full Paper]
Business Reporting at the Beginning of the 21st Centruy: Is It Getting Any Easier? Jennifer Kitchener [Download Full Paper]
Impacts of Media on Community and the Academy
"Designing Graduates: Remodelling Undergraduate Study In New Media" Danny Butt [Download Full Paper]
"Communicating Disability: What's the Matter with Internet Studies?" Gerard Goggin and Christopher Newell [Download Full Paper]
"From Lifestyle to Industry Clusters: Potential for Growth of Audiovisual and Creative Industries in the Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales" Cathy Henkel [Download Full Paper]
"A Critical Perspective On Current Structures Governing Internet Plagiarism: Challenges To Public Relations And Journalism Education" Jane Johnston  [Download Full Paper]
"Discourses On Plagiarism In The Academy: To Discipline And Punish Or To Teach And Learn?" Celia Thompson [Download Full Paper]
"Cognitive and Ideological Work in Computer Gameplay"  Glen Spoors [Download Full Paper]
Rethinking Public Relations in the New Century
"New Information And Communication Technologies And The Demassification Of Public Relations" Donald Alexander [Download Full Paper]
"Towards A Typology Of The Public Relations Behaviour Of Organisations" Leeora Black and Charmine Härtel [Download Full Paper]
"Beyond Roleplay: Workplace Theatre And Internal Relations" Genevieve Edmond and Elspeth Tilley [Download Full Paper]
"Pharmaceutical Companies' Public Relations and Representation by Internet" Catherine Rennie and Steve Mackey [Download Full Paper]
"The Feminisation of Public Relations: What's in it for the Girls?" Jeannie Rea [Download Full Paper]  
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