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In addition to our ongoing gratitude to all the referees and editorial board members who make PRism possible, we would like to thank the following people and institutions:

Sponsorship: Thanks to Massey University for provision of editorial support 2004-2014.  We are also grateful to Bond University School of Humanities and Social Sciences for a research grant to enable the initial development of PRism in 2002, and to Waikato Management School for its support of the book reviews section of PRism journal.

Prize money: Thank you to PRINZ for sponsoring the PRINZ Prize, a fantastic opportunity for guest editors to address topical and relevant issues. Particular thanks also to Professor Frank Sligo, of Massey University, who has personally financially supported the George Hines memorial prize in special issue editorship since its inception.  This pragmatic contribution to the development of emerging researchers has ensured the continued evolution of the research environment into new realms, as many meritorious special issue proposals that would otherwise have been turned down have now been able to be supported from Prof. Sligo's generous donation.

Site design: See 'The Team' for acknowledgement of the amazing team of talented developers who have helped PRaxis and PRism evolve their web interface throughout their history.

Special Thanks to Deakin University's Steve Mackey for use of the pr-edu-net list to recruit referees and promote PRism in the early days. 

Book Publishers: We are grateful to Footprint BooksThomson Learning, Pearson Education Australia, Allen & Unwin, and Blackwell for supplying review books. Please view their substantial offerings in communication, public relations, and related disciplines by clicking on the above hyperlinks.




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