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Title: Everyday Communities
Authors: Marlane Welsh-Morris and Nicola Harvey
Affiliations: Child Youth & Family (New Zealand)and Saatchi & Saatchi

Everyday Communities is a child abuse, neglect and family violence prevention programme which uses a process of community engagement. Delivered in selected communities through a partnership between Child Youth and Families (CYF)and local community personnel, it includes a locally developed and delivered communications campaign and a calendar of community events. Its overarching goal is:

New Zealanders act to achieve wellbeing and safety for our children

Everyday Communities has a number of key strengths which support the programmes ability to contribute to CYFs strategic direction.

  • It is recognised amongst communities and the New Zealand public as a valued priority activity.
  • It uses an easy to understand framework and can be adapted to reflect different local and cultural contexts. This promotes early achievement and transferability.
  • It uses communications mediums that maximise local content, draw upon existing local expertise and use personally relevant messages.
  • It deliberately encourages broad community engagement to achieve strengthening ownership of Everyday Communities values, enhancing long-term sustainability.
  • It enables skill development and capacity building in the community by drawing on asset-based community development principles. These seek to identify and develop the collective strengths and knowledge within communities, to help them achieve their goal.

Maintaining and expanding the impact of Everyday Communities is the key challenge ahead. This will include providing support for the factors that appear to be promoting Everyday Communities success such as strong local CYF co-ordination, while achieving a greater communications presence that reaches all parts of the community.

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