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Title:A new approach to social marketing: Intervention logic modelling and research evaluation
Authors: Andrea Kan and Paul Duignan
Affiliations: UMR Research Limited and Parker Duignan

Purpose of project:
The objective was to improve the effectiveness of communications and behaviour-change strategies for biosecurity social marketing interventions in New Zealand.

Methods used:
The project used an innovative social marketing evaluation tool to detail intermediate outcomes for the biosecurity communications programme run by Biosecurity New Zealand. Parker Duignan employed intervention logic modelling to detail all intermediate biosecurity outcomes.

UMR Research tested the logic model and established the basis for tracking changes in intermediate biosecurity outcomes. Innovative and traditional qualitative techniques were employed, followed by three quantitative surveys conducted amongst key priority audiences (the general public, the travelling public, farmers).

Summary of results:
The research highlighted areas where the social marketing logic model could be fine-tuned, identified key triggers and messages to encourage change in biosecurity behaviour, provided data to measure ongoing progress in achieving the intermediate outcomes of the logic model.

Actions resulting from project:
A comprehensive communications framework now targets specific market segments to prompt behaviour change for biosecurity activities.

Benchmark data will now enable the logic model to provide a basis for measuring public behaviour outcomes resulting from biosecurity communications, which were previously ?hard to attribute.

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