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Edited by Elspeth Tilley.

Welcome to a special issue of PRism from the Social Marketing Downunder Conference, held in Wellington, New Zealand, in March 2005.

This special issue has been created for two key reasons: first, to give academic presenters at the conference the opportunity to have their work refereed for scholarly publication after the conferenceand, second, to bring social marketing activities to greater awareness among the public relations community and strengthen links between the two as-yet-quite-distinct (yet clearly overlapping) paradigms.

Two articles successfully passed our referees' rigorous standards. To complement these items we have also showcaseda selection of presentations from the conference, which give you an idea of the high quality of presentations,and excellent breadthof issues covered.

We look forward to more collaboration between ourdisciplines in future, and we hope you enjoy the fascinating and diverse range of refereed and non-refereed materials below.

Conference Review:

Harris, J. (2005). Conference review: Social Marketing Downunder. PRism 3 (2). Available at:

Refereed Articles:

Contributor Biographies (Refereed Authors)

Hopkins, K. (2005). Family communication: A catalyst for socially desired behaviours. PRism 3 (2). Available at:

Noble, G., & Camit, M. (2005). Social marketing communication in a multicultural environment: Practical issues and theoretical contributions from cross-cultural marketing. PRism 3 (2). Available at:

Conference Presentations:

Kan, A., & Duignan, P. (2005). A new approach to social marketing: Intervention logic modelling and research evaluation. PRism 3 (2). Available at:

Kinsman, T., & Donovan, R. (2005). Older smokers response to quit campaigns in Australia. PRism 3 (2). Available at:

Lawson, R., & Williams, J. (2005).Promoting fruit and vegetable consumption for improved health. PRism 3 (2). Available at:

Parminter, T. (2005). Integrated campaign to encourage rural behaviour change. PRism 3 (2). Available at:

Welsh-Morris, M., & Harvey, N. (2005). Everyday communities. PRism 3 (2). Available at:

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