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Editor's note: declaration of interest.

Follow the links below to read two independent reviews of Sligo, F., & Bathurst, R. (2005). Communication in the New Zealand workplace: Theory and practice. Wellington: Software Technology of New Zealand.

Because several members of the PRism team and board were involved with authorship, production, or refereeing of this book, an outside reviewer was sought who had no connection with its publishing. 

The first reviewer to respond to this request was Jacquie L'Etang, of the University of Stirling. Our refereeing policy is always first-in first-served, so Jacquie duly received the book, and we are grateful for her well-qualified perspective on the book's international applicability.  We also thought some feedback on the book's usefulness in the New Zealand context would be helpful to PRism readers, and we are grateful to Mary Simpson, of University of Waikato, for undertaking to provide this perspective. 

Reviews are sometimes edited to meet PRism style: however in this instance, given that the editor has an interest in the work under review, both reviews have been published exactly as submitted to ensure their independence.

Click here for Jacquie L'Etang's review.  Jacquie is a widely-published author on public relations in the UK, and has been director of University of Stirling's M.Sc. in Public Relations since 1991.

Click here for Mary Simpson's review.  Mary is a lecturer in University of Waikato's department of Management Communication, and has extensive New Zealand industry experience in relationship management and organisational development. 


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