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By Jane Johnston (Click here for the PDFAdvances in Physiology Education, that reviewing etiquette includes the following:


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About the author:

Jane Johnston convenes the public relations major and teaches print journalism at Griffith Universitys Gold Coast campus, Australia. She is co-editor of the text Public Relations: Theory and Practice (with Clara Zawawi), now in its second edition (2004, Allen & Unwin), and co-authored Breaking into Journalism with Mark Pearson in 1997. She is currently writing a media relations text, due for release (with Allen & Unwin) in late 2005.

Jane has just completed her PhD Communicating courts: An analysis of the changing interface between the courts and the media which investigates the communications practices between the courts and the news media in Australia. She has previously published a range of articles on the relationship between the courts, the media, and public information and developed of a set of media protocols with the Chief Magistrate of Tasmania, currently being considered for national adoption.Jane has alsoworked as a print journalist and in consultancy and in-house public relations roles. Her latest research interest (also collaboratively with Clara Zawawi) is in the democratisation of public relations.

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